A video usually has various favorite moments. Adobe Premiere Elements helps you mark and extract all your favorite moments in a video as a single collated clip or individual clips. You can use the extracted clips of favorite moments for editing or sharing.

The Favorite Moments feature is available in both Quick and Expert views.

  1. Import your video clips in Adobe Premiere Elements using Add Media or access them from Project Assets (if you have already imported the videos).

  2. Drag-and-drop the video clips to the timeline. Select the video clip in which you want to mark favorite moments.

  3. Select Tools > Favorite Moments.

    Favorite Moments option
  4. Select one of the following ways to mark favorite moments:

    • Using the CTI and the Mark Moment option: Locate the desired start point from where you want to mark the favorite moment, drag the CTI to that point, and click Mark Moment. You can mark multiple favorite moments in a video clip.
    • Using the CTI and the + symbol on the timeline: Drag the CTI to the frame in the video clip from where you want to mark the moment. Click the + symbol to mark the favorite moment.
    • Playing the timeline and using the Mark Moment option: Play the timeline (by using the player controls or by pressing the spacebar) and then click Mark Moment to mark the starting point of a favorite moment. To mark the end of the favorite moment, click Mark Moment again. In this case, the Mark Moment option works like a toggle key.
    • Using the Auto Mark Moments option: Click Auto Mark Moments for automatically marking favorite moments in your video clip. 

    Adobe Premiere Elements displays automatically marked favorite moments in green. The manually marked moments appear in yellow.

    A. Reset, Auto Mark Moments, Settings B. Mark Moment C. Preview D. Automatically marked favorite moment E. Manually marked favorite moment  
  5. Use the following options to fine-tune your selection of favorite moments: 

    • Merge two favorite moments: Drag the end/ or start of a favorite moment to overlap it with the next or previous favorite moment in the timeline.
    • Unmark a favorite moment: Click the cross mark in the upper-right corner of the marked favorite moment. The clip is not deleted.
    Unmark a favorite moment
    • Preview favorite moments: Click Preview to view the favorite moments marked on the timeline.
    • Reset: Click Reset and then click Yes to remove all marked favorite moments and start again. Press Ctrl + Z to undo the reset and get the marked moments back.
  6. Click Done. Select the option to extract the favorite moments as a combined clip or as individual clips, and click OK.

    Before we click Done, we can perform Undo/Redo on the operations performed.

    • Place moments as combined clip on timeline: Select this option to place all the favorite moments as a combined clip. You can double-click the clip and edit the favorite moments if necessary.
    • Place as individual clips on timeline: Select this option to place the favorite moments as individual clips on the timeline.

    Exit Favorite Moments settings is displayed on the first exit. If you want to change this settings later, you can use the settings dialog.

You can double-click a favorite moment clip and restart the workflow for tweaking any of the favorite moments or for adding and removing favorite moments. In the timeline, a favorite moment clip can be split and trimmed like any normal clip. Once a favorite moment has been created, it is present in the Project Assets bin as an asset.

Player controls for favorite moments

You can navigate better while marking your favorite moments in a video with the help of player controls.

A. Go to Previous Edit Point B. Step Back (Left) C. Play/Pause Toggle (Space) D. Step Forward (Right) E. Go to Next Edit Point (Page Down) 

Favorite moment settings

You can configure the settings of favorite moments automatically marked by Auto Mark moments and other settings when you manually mark favorite moments.

  • Duration of the moment segment marked: You can set the slider to increase or decrease the duration of the moment marked. Crisp marks favorite moments in the shortest duration, and Relaxed marks favorite moments with the maximum duration.
  • Mark Moment settings: Enter the duration of seconds you want to add before or after your marked moment.
  • Exit Settings: Configure the exit settings. Select to place favorite moments as a combined clip or individual clips.
  • Apply default transition between favorite moments: Select this option to apply a default transition between favorite moments. To set a transition as default, exit the favorite moments dialog and click Transitions on the Action bar. Right-click and select a transition as a default transition.

You can also customize the keyboard shortcut for the two features of Favorite moments. (Via the keyboard customization)
1) Mark Moments (is by default assigned to F)
2) Preview (is unassigned and the you can assign any key)


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