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How to use text templates from After Effects in Premiere Pro

Learn how to import a text motion graphic created in After Effects into a Premiere Pro sequence and edit the Live Text template without opening After Effects. (Try it, 10 min)

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Step 1 of 7:

In After Effects, create a composition containing text. (Alternatively, download the sample files that accompany this tutorial and open them in After Effects.)

Important: To use Live Text templates in Premiere Pro, you need to have the 2014 release of After Effects CC installed on your computer.

Step 2 of 7:

Choose Composition > Composition Settings. Click Advanced and select the Export as Template option. Save your After Effects project.

Step 3 of 7:

In Premiere Pro, open a project. (Alternatively, open the Premiere Pro project included with the sample files.)

In the Media Browser, navigate to your After Effects project and drag your text composition into the Project panel.

Step 4 of 7:

In the Project panel, double-click the text composition to open it in the Source Monitor.

Step 5 of 7:

Open the Effect Controls panel and edit the live text.

Step 6 of 7:

Preview your edited text in the Source Monitor.

Step 7 of 7:

Done! To see your text in action, drag your text composition to a sequence in the timeline.

To edit your text further, double-click the text composition in the Project panel and change the text in the Effect Controls panel.

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