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How to edit videos with Premiere Pro

In this beginner tutorial, learn how to create a fun, engaging music video of aquatic hoverboarders by stepping through the basics of using Premiere Pro to edit video content. (Try it, 45 min)

Want to begin editing a video in Adobe Premiere Pro CC? This project is for you.

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This beginner tutorial shows you the basics of using Adobe Premiere Pro to construct a short, fun video of aquatic hoverboarders set to music. At the end of this tutorial, you should have a general understanding of what Premiere Pro does and how you can edit videos with it. We hope you’ll want to do more with it and learn more about it when you’re done.

Learn about the user interface and quickly creating a sequence

In this video, you’ll get an overview of the Premiere Pro editing workspace, using the Media Browser, making full use of your screen to view panels, and dragging clips to the timeline to quickly create a video sequence that you can edit.

Editing workspace (0:25); Make panels full-screen (2:40); Import media (4:00)

Apply quick and easy editing techniques

In this video, you’ll learn about some general trimming techniques, working in the timeline, rearranging clips, adding a music track, and applying transitions.

Drag clip to timeline (1:19); Timeline tips (2:00); Q and W keys (4:40); Add audio (5:10); Reorder clips (7:15); Slip tool (8:45); Add transitions (9:43)

Add titles and stylize graphics

In this video, you’ll add a title to your project and import and stylize a graphic from Adobe Photoshop.

Create a title style (0:08); Import title from Photoshop (4:11); Animate graphic (6:20)

Trim in the timeline and adjust colors

In this video, you’ll learn about various tools for cutting, moving and stretching clips in the timeline, as well as apply video effects, and understand the Lumetri color panel for making dramatic or subtle color adjustments.

Razor and Selection tools (0:08); Ripple Edit tool (0:55); Rate Stretch tool (1:44); Apply stylize effect (2:30); Use color workspace (4:20)

Work with audio

In this video, you’ll learn how to work with audio by adding transitions, adjusting levels with the Pen tool and by changing the gain, using the multiband compressor, and applying audio effects.

Add fade-in (0:35); Use the Pen tool (1:05); Multiband compressor (2:25); Audio effects (3:45); Adjust gain (4:40)

Export your completed video

In this video, you’ll learn how to export your project from Premiere Pro and also by using Adobe Media Encoder, which gives you specific presets that are easy to use and allows you to add an image overlay and publish directly to Facebook or YouTube.

Export a sequence (0:10); Export to H.264 (0:55); Export settings (1:34); Export to QuickTime (2:22); Queue to Adobe Media Encoder (2:50)

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