Learn how the GoPro CineForm codec offers Premiere Pro users a cross-platform intermediate codec with full support for alpha and large frame sizes of 4K and beyond.

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The GoPro CineForm intermediate codec is a video encoding format designed for editing and post-production that allows for multiple encodes of the same material with minimal loss in quality.

Adobe After Effects, Adobe Premiere Pro, and Adobe Media Encoder can natively decode and encode QuickTime files using the GoPro CineForm codec on both Mac OS X and Windows systems. This means you can work efficiently with GoPro footage and translate high-resolution footage to an easily managed, cross-platform, high-quality codec.

Intermediate files are files that you create from one application in a post-production pipeline to pass to the next application in the pipeline. Movie files encoded with the GoPro CineForm codec at the higher quality settings include an alpha channel.

Exporting your projects using the GoPro CineForm codec is relatively straightforward:

  1. Select your project in Premiere Pro and choose File > Export > Media.
  2. In the Export Settings dialog box, choose QuickTime as the Export Settings format.
  3. Choose GoPro CineForm as the video codec.
  4. Choose a color bit depth: 10-bit per channel YUV or 12-bit per channel RGBA to include an alpha channel.

You could also choose an appropriate GoPro CineForm preset from the Preset menu to accomplish the same thing.

Exporting your projects using the GoPro CineForm codec
Adobe Media Encoder settings for using the GoPro CineForm codec output

Watch the following video to learn more about how the GoPro CineForm codec works.

Overview of the GoPro CineForm codec (special thanks to Devin Graham and Team SuperTramp for their continued support)
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