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Import and relink media

Learn how to get your video, audio, images, and other assets into Premiere Pro, and find them again if they move or get renamed. (Try it, 9 min)

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Ensure that you’ll always find your video assets.

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One of the first things you need to know when starting to edit video in Adobe Premiere Pro CC is how to get your video, audio, images, and other assets into Premiere Pro. If for some reason your source files move or get renamed, you will need to show Premiere Pro where they are located on your computer or media drives.

In this video, you'll learn how to import files, preview clips, find clips, and relink media.

Import files (1:18); Use Hover Scrub (3:48); Relink missing media (6:01)

It’s that simple. Let’s review:

Importing files

Import files into your Premiere Pro project by selecting File > Import. You can also browse to files on your computer using the Media Browser to import them.

Previewing clips

Use the Hover Scrub feature to preview clips and insert in and out points prior to adding them to the timeline.

Finding clips

Quickly find any clip in your project by searching on the clip’s filename using the RapidFind feature.

Relinking media

Relink missing media that has moved or been renamed using the Link Media dialog box.

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