Start contributing videos to Adobe Stock directly through Adobe Premiere Pro and reach millions of potential buyers. Learn the technical requirements for exporting and encoding your project for the contributor program.

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Export a sequence

With your completed sequence in the active Timeline panel or with your sequence selected in the Project panel, choose File > Export > Media. Alternatively, press Control+M (Windows) or Command+M (macOS).

Note: Be sure that Adobe Media Encoder is installed on your system.

With Adobe Encoder installed and completed sequence selected, click File > Export > Media.

Determine encode settings

In the Export Settings dialog box, choose an appropriate format: H.264, H.265, QuickTime, or AVI. Select an encode preset (Vimeo 1080p HD, YouTube 1080p HD, or YouTube 2160p 4K are good choices depending on your footage) or determine your settings manually.

Select the appropriate format and preset, or manually change settings to the proper format.

Select publish options

Click the Publish tab. You’ll see a list of available services to which you can directly publish your video. Select Adobe Stock and then click Log In to sign in to Adobe Stock using your Adobe ID personal account. If you’re not yet an Adobe Stock contributor, you’ll be prompted to sign up at (After signing up, you’ll need to click Log In and enter your Adobe ID personal account details again.)

Note: Adobe Stock does not support contributions from Adobe Creative Cloud for enterprise accounts. If you don’t currently have a personal account, follow the “Not a member yet?” prompt provided in the Sign In dialog box to create your own personal account.

Click Publish tab > Adobe Stock, then log in with Adobe ID to publish to Adobe Stock.

Export and upload

Click the Export button at the bottom of the Export Settings dialog box to export directly from Premiere Pro — or click the Queue button to launch Adobe Media Encoder and add your exported sequence to the queue. You can send as many sequences to the queue as you like. Click the green arrow (start queue) button in the Queue panel to simultaneously encode your sequences and upload them to Adobe Stock.

Note: Video contributions to the Adobe Stock website must meet the following requirements:

  • Minimum resolution: 1920x1080
  • Acceptable formats: MOV, MP4, MPEG
  • File size limit: 3900 MB (3.9 GB)
  • Maximum 60 seconds
Click Export to export directly from Premier Pro, or click Queue to launch Adobe Media Encoder and add project to queue.

Complete submittal process

Once your video is uploaded, click the Output File link in Media Encoder (or go to to refine your video’s metadata on the Adobe Stock website before submitting the video for consideration. Click the Uploaded Files tab on the website to view your recently uploaded video. Write a descriptive title and enter relevant keywords that match your video’s content. Select a category that suits your video. You’ll see that Adobe Stock has suggested some keywords for you; either accept those or create your own.

Note: For your video to be accepted, it must not contain any previously copyrighted material or logos. Any recognizable person must have an accompanying model release form uploaded before your submission can be approved.

Refine video’s metadata on the Adobe Stock website before submitting video for consideration.

For more information about contributing to Adobe Stock, refer to the Stock Contributor User Guide.

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