When a previous project is reopened in Adobe Premiere Pro CC, the User Interface for the sequence no longer shows the audio track as being muted. When you play back the sequence, one or more tracks is not audible and no indication is given that the tracks are muted.


The issue can occur when one or more audio tracks are muted in a sequence and then the project is saved and closed in a previous version.


Update to Premiere Pro 12.1.2.

Once a v12.1.1 project shows this UI behavior, correct and resave it. 


12.1.2 cannot correct the issue simply by opening the project in V12.1.2.

Following are the steps to repair the project:

  1. Toggle the Solo button on for any affected sequence audio tracks.
  2. To confirm that the audio track can be heard, play the sequence.
  3. Toggle off the Solo button for all sequence audio tracks.
  4. To insure that all audio tracks can be heard and monitored, play the Sequence.
  5. Save the Project.
  6. Quit Premiere Pro.
  7. Relaunch Premiere Pro and open the problematic project. 

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