Use this document to see the list of bug fixes in the October 2017 and January 2018 releases of Premiere Pro CC (versions 12.0 and 12.0.1)

Bugs fixed in January 2018 (version 12.0.1) release

Performance and stability

  • There is a compatibility issue with Premiere Pro and the new Intel Chipset on Windows 7.
  • Premiere Pro hangs occasionally when importing media into complex projects.
  • Documents folders that cannot be modified (lack of permissions) cause Premiere Pro to crash on launch.
  • Premiere Pro crashes on launch if unable to access User Documents directory.
  • Premiere Pro occasionally hangs during overwrite/insert edit.
  • Playback occasionally does not start immediately.
  • Low memory warning if you let a Team Project idle overnight.
  • Crash when clicking the + icon based on the caption created using the Add Caption context menu.
  • Crash when resizing the header line for Time Remapping->Speed on Effect Control panel. 
  • If you have multiple open projects, clicking Get Started in the Welcome Screen or closing a project causes Premiere Pro to hang.
  • Crash when adjusting gain in audioclip mixer using a numerical input field.
  • Unable to scrub numeric values in the ECP or Graphics panel using a Wacom Intros Pro tablet.


  • Master effects change in ECP does not reflect on clip. 
  • The Effects Control Panel's hot text entry field for Twirl/Angle control fails to accept number of rotation entries (MAC Only).
  • The Scale direct manipulation control on effect masks does not work.
  • Morph analysis and rendered file is not preserved after closing a project.

File formats

  • Red frames in QT ProRes 422 HQ files from Arri Alexa.
  • Windows 10 only: While spanned AVCHD import is conforming, Premiere Pro often goes into a low memory state.
  • Some media from Panasonic GH5 misses the first 2-3 frames.
  • JVC MPEG (H.264)  File thumbnail and playback issues: Only 1/4 portion of the image is visible when resolution is set to 1/2 or smaller.
  • Exporting to DNxHR/DNxHD with alpha incorrectly premultiplies the alpha and is interpreted as straight alpha on reimport.
  • DJI X5R - Darkened image for Cinema DNG.

Editing experience

  • Unable to copy/paste sequence between open projects.
  • Unbounded marker count growth with projects that have Write Clip Markers to XMP.
  • Copying and pasting a composition from After Effects to Premiere Pro places the master clips in a recovered clips bin.
  • Hot text scrub wraps clip instead of stopping at start or end.
  • Teletext captions from previous versions open blank.
  • Clip returns the name of the first footage item in the project, not the name of the clip open in the Source Monitor.
  • Creating a sequence inside a bin results in the sequence showing up at the root level.
  • There are black frames on some nested clips in timeline.
  • Default Editing workspace changed that Timeline panel width is minimized and Project panel is closed when creating new project second time.
  • When Overlay is configured to show numbers or text on the right side of the Program Monitor, the Transmit display shows them in the center instead.
  • Ambience Loudness Automatch failure in the Essential Sound Panel
  • Video does not play back for a few seconds when recording voice over.
  • Some older projects fail to convert.

Shared Projects

  • Project settings project drop-down does not gray out projects that are set to read-only.
  • Markers are appearing on other projects when preference is turned off.
  • Markers are not showing up during match framing.
  • Opening recent project B that had its project panel closed while project A was left open, opens another project A panel.
  • In multiple open projects, the additional projects have a squished/rectangular Label Color in List View, because of a smaller column.
  • Action and title safe areas do not update in Program Monitor when switching projects.
  • Selecting alternate project in Project Settings dialog does not switch to the correct Capture format.
  • Clearing the History Panel only clears the steps made for the first open project.
  • Ghost Timeline appears after deleting all assets from Project Panel.
  • Set poster frame context menu command is still available with read only projects.

Adobe Immersive Environment

  • Switching GPU modes for playback and rendering between Open CL and Metal causes the Head Mounted Display (HMD) timeline view to not display track items and the handheld controls to fail to initiate previewing. 
  • Shuttle and Jog get stuck if the side button is pressed.
  • Turning off the controller leaves the decals and lasers in place.
  • Values jump to zero when you touch a control for the first time. 

AAF workflows

  • Insufficient footage during AAF breakout-to-mono if transition is sample-aligned.
  • Invalid reuse in AAF breakout-to-mono Trim mode when clips have transitions.
  • Distortion/Garbage audio when exporting AAF from Premiere Pro.
  • AAF exported to Media Composer has slightly incorrect media timecode.

Other fixes and changes

  • When Master Clip Source settings are copied from one clip to another, the file does not properly update.
  • Gradient Wipe transition graphic is not found.
  • The .mxf media format generates wrong peakfile name (.mxf instead of .pek).
  • Track matte key breaks when there is an effect with mask (GPU only).
  • Embedded 708 captions decode differently in Source Monitor and Program Monitor.
  • XML round-tripping duplicates video files.
  • Import or Media Browser opening of .json files is allowed and results in Media Pending and assert.
  • Lumetri Color Panel UI elements overlap each other in the French version of Premiere Pro.
  • 708 captions on .MCC file import into Premiere with many truncated lines and incorrect placement
  • Drawing of letters in captions are now centered.
  • Caption metadata UI is now hidden in Captions tab unless Export Sidecar File is enabled and format is set to .STL.

Bugs fixed in October 2017 (version 12.0) release


  • Premiere Pro could crash while working with Open captions.
  • When you use OpenCL for rendering and playback on macOS 10.13, it could crash the app. 
  • Premiere Pro crashes when you enter the effect keyframe on Trim Edit point. 
  • Premiere Pro could fail to open a project, and any attempt to do so corrupts the project file.
  • Premiere Pro could crash when you open a project which has two CEP panels that are docked into the same workspace. 
  • Premiere Pro could hang when you browse a project using the media browser. Premiere Pro could crash when you trim a nested sequence using frame hold and transition.


  • Captions do not always appear in bottom center even though they're assigned to that position. 
  • Unable to Edit/Add new captions Inconsistent behavior importing, working with and exporting captions.
  • Captions can be overlapped within the same caption file.
  • Caption data becomes scrambled when inserting new caption between existing captions.
  • Caption track won't show if it has been disabled once in session X.
  • Caption track won't show if it has been disabled once in session Open Caption not showing all Thumbnails in Caption panel.


  • When you move a control for the first time in a clip, the value on that control jumps to zero.
  • When working with ProRes colors, a color shift is seen between projects on macOS and Windows OS.
  • When Mackie Control is active and you write keyframes, clips in the source monitor are in write keyframes on all the time even though the write keyframes control of the Clip Mixer is grayed out.


  • When you are working with a duplicate After Effects composition in a PR sequence, the video moves to the wrong track. 
  • Unicode characters could appear garbled when importing an FCP XML file.
  • When you create an XML file from a timeline that contains a black video sequence, and then reimport the same XML file, it could create two sequences instead of one which is expected.

GPU Render and Export

  • When using the warp stabilizer, sometimes it could result in field order inversion  and result in bad quality images. 
  • When you smart render XDCAM EX automation sequences, you may see encoding errors.
  • When you remove a specific effect from multiple clips using the Remove properties option, it could also remove all the motion settings associated with the project.
  • Encoding errors could be seen when you export using the Smart Rendering option.
  • Sometimes, audio gets rendered before playback when working with clips that are speed adjusted.