Error opening a project—sequence could not be opened

When you open a project in Adobe Premiere Pro CS6 installed as part of the Creative Cloud, you receive the following error:

Adobe Premiere Pro: This project contained a sequence that could not be opened. No sequence preview preset file or codec could be associated with this sequence type.

Additionally, when you try to create a project, you only have DV sequence presets available.

Solution 1: Deactivate Adobe Premiere Pro, and then reactivate it

  1. Launch Adobe Premiere Pro by clicking the application icon. Do not attempt to load a project file.

  2. Choose New Project, and then create a project. The settings you choose in this step are not important.

  3. Choose Help > Deactivate. On the Deactivate screen, click Deactivate.

  4. Launch Adobe Premiere Pro as you did in step 1.

  5. On the Sign In Required screen, click Sign In.

  6. If prompted, sign in with your Adobe ID. The full list of sequence presets is reinitialized.

  7. Open the project the generated the error to ensure that it opens correctly. If you are still unable to open your project, contact Adobe Technical Support.

Solution 2: Re-create the Adobe Premiere Pro preferences and plug-in cache

  1. Get ready to press the Alt (Option) + Shift keys simultaneously.

  2. Launch Adobe Premiere Pro by clicking the application icon, and immediately press and hold the Alt (Option) + Shift keys.

  3. Continue to hold the Alt (Option) + Shift keys down until you see the Welcome Screen.

    Note: If the preferences have been reset successfully, the Recent Projects area of the Welcome screen is blank.

    [Holding Alt (Option) alone on launch resets the preferences. Holding Shift alone deletes the plug-in cache.]

Creative Cloud for enterprise customers

Creative Cloud for enterprise customers can receive two different serial numbers for use in installation. One of these serial numbers is labeled Video, and one is labeled Non-Video.

Install Adobe Premiere Pro, After Effects, Audition, Prelude, Encore CS6, and Adobe Media Encoder using the serial number labeled as Video.  

To resolve this issue, reserialize using the Adobe Provisioning Toolkit, Enterprise Edition. You can find a guide to its use here.

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