Ready to start editing your Premiere Rush video with Adobe Premiere Pro? Follow these steps to open your Premiere Rush project in Premiere Pro.

Take your projects created in Premiere Rush even further in Premiere Pro. You can open all your synced Rush projects (projects that are saved in the cloud) in Premiere Pro.

Before you start

  • Make sure you have project syncing turned on in Premiere Rush. Project Sync is enabled by default. If it’s turned off, the project is not available to open in Premiere Pro.
  • Make sure your Premiere Pro version is Premiere Pro version 13.0 or later (older versions are not compatible).


Once you open a Rush project in Premiere Pro, you cannot open it again in Premiere Rush. Complete the entire workflow in Premiere Pro, and publish your video from Premiere Pro.

Open a Premiere Rush project in Premiere Pro

  1. In the Premiere Pro start screen, click Open Premiere Rush Project.

    Opening a Premiere Rush project in Premiere Pro
    Opening a Premiere Rush project in Premiere Pro

    Premiere Pro opens a window that allows you to browse and choose from any of your Premiere Rush projects that are synced with Creative Cloud that you would like to open and continue editing in Premiere Pro.

  2. Click a Premiere Rush project to open it.

    Open Rush projects in Premiere Pro
    Open Rush projects in Premiere Pro
  3. Edit the project - adding more effects, transitions, and any other edit you like.

  4. After your edits, save the file.

    By default, the file is saved to the Converted Rush projects folder on your machine. If you want to save the file elsewhere, use File > Save as, and navigate to a location of your choice.