Applying Text Gradients in Premiere Pro

Use text gradients in Premiere Pro to add sheen to text or create colorful fills for titles in your videos.

Add visual impact to titles and text with new per-character text gradient tools in the Essential Graphics panel. Apply linear gradients to give your text a metallic or shiny appearance. Use linear or radial gradients with colors for titles that really stand out.

You can add gradients to individual characters - and experiment with mixing and matching your gradients.

Apply gradients

  1. Select the text that you want to apply the gradient to.

  2. In the Appearance section of the Essential Graphics panel, click the Fill color.

    Clicking the fill color
    Clicking the fill color

  3. Selecting a linear gradient in the Color Picker
    Selecting a linear gradient in the Color Picker

    In the Color Picker dialog that opens, select one of the gradient options from the drop-down list on the top left.

    • Choose Solid to give your text a solid fill of any color. 
    • Choose Linear Gradient to blend colors vertically, horizontally, or at an angle.
    • Choose Radial Gradient to graduate opacity or colors from the center of a circle.
  4. To adjust the colors in the gradient:

    • Click any of the color stops below the gradient slider to show different color options and change the color.
    • To remove a color stop, click one and either drag it away from the gradient slider and release, or click Delete at the bottom right of the gradient slider.
  5. To adjust the opacity of the gradient:

    • Move the Opacity Stop at the top of the gradient slider.
    • Then change the opacity in the Opacity % field
    Adjusting the opacity of the gradient
    Adjusting the opacity of the gradient

  6. To adjust the angle and location of the gradient:

    • Angle: Type in a value in the Angle field or drag on the blue hot text to change a linear gradient's angle.
    • Location: Type in a value in the Location field or drag on the blue hot text for an interactive experience to change the location of a selected stop or midpoint.

    As you adjust all the controls in the gradient, you can see your changes to the text live in the Program Monitor.

  7. Click OK to apply the gradient to the text.

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