Feature summary | Premiere Pro (October and November 2020 releases)

Learn about new features and enhancements in the October 2020 (version 14.5), and November 2020 (version 14.6) releases of Premiere Pro.

Quickly export your video

November 2020 release (version 14.6)

Quick Export
Quick Export

Quick Export for Premiere Pro provides direct access to popular and frequently used export settings, right from the header bar in Premiere Pro.

You can choose from the default high-quality H.264 output with matched Source Settings or select from a short list of H.264 preset that allow you to reduce the size of your export files.

For more information, see Quick export.

Support for DNxHR 444 12-bit encode and decode

November 2020 release (version 14.6)

  • Added support for DNxHR 444 12-bit decode. 
  • Added support for DNxHR 444 12-bit encode.
     Existing DNxHR 444 10-bit encoding options have been updated to use the new 12-bit support; 10-bit encoding support is no longer available. All encoding presets and UI have been updated to reflect this change.
  • Some media from Resolve and Avid Media Composer previously imported as audio-only. This issue is fixed with this release.

Changes to QuickTime DNxHR alpha support:

  • Added the option to add alpha to DNxHR 444 12-bit output
  • Removed the option to add alpha to DNxHR LB to better comply with Avid’s specifications.
  • DNxHR with alpha created using Premiere Pro 14.5 (and later) are not compatible with earlier versions of Premiere Pro.

Color management for ARRI ProRes

October 2020 release (version 14.5)

Color management for ARRI ProRes formats with embedded LUTs streamlines the workflow in Premiere Pro. For HDR productions, you can switch out rec709 LUTs and replace them with HLG LUTs. 

For more information, see HDR for broadcasters.

Support for Rec2100 PQ color working space

October 2020 release (version 14.5)

HDR workflows now include support for Rec2100 PQ color working space in Premiere Pro.

For more information, see HDR for broadcasters.

Import support for ProRes RAW

October 2020 release (version 14.5)

Import support for ProRes RAW on Windows is now available for Intel and AMD GPUs. ProRes RAW can now be imported across both platforms with all the major GPUs. 

For more information, see ProRes RAW Support in Adobe Video Applications.

ProRes RAW to LOG color space conversion

October 2020 release (version 14.5)

ProRes RAW to LOG color space conversion is now available in Premiere Pro.

Performance improvements

October 2020 release (version 14.5)

  • New hardware decoding using AMD and NVIDIA GPUs on Windows offers faster playback and more responsive Timeline performance for the widely used H.264 and HEVC formats in Premiere Pro and After Effects. For information on preference settings for this feature, see Set Media preferences.
  • Faster audio pre-roll in Premiere Pro provides responsive playback for large projects or projects that use a lot of audio effects. No more waiting for playback to start on macOS and Windows. For information on preference settings for this feature, see Set Audio preferences
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