Feature summary | Adobe Premiere Rush (2020 releases)

Learn about new features and enhancements in Adobe Premiere Rush (version 1.5x.)

Separate audio from video

You can now separate audio from an audio-video clip by right-clicking the clip and selecting Separate Audio (or long press on mobile).  Premiere Rush drops the audio file into the first available audio track and the original audio becomes muted.

For more information on how to use this feature, see Separate audio (on desktop, iOS, or Android).

Support for new languages

Premiere Rush is now available in Italian, Russian, Portuguese, and Simplified Chinese. For information on all languages supported by Premiere Rush, see System requirements.

New soundtracks added to Premiere Rush (mobile and desktop)

Additional soundtracks are now available to use within Premiere Rush, giving you more music options to use in Premiere Rush. You can find all soundtracks in Premiere Rush in the Rush Soundtracks section of the Media Browser.

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