Learn how to open Premiere Rush projects in Premiere Pro.

What you learned: Open a Premiere Rush project in Premiere Pro to make complex edits

  • Create a project in Premiere Rush and keep the Project Sync option enabled. Project Sync is enabled by default. If it’s turned off, the project won’t be available to open in Premiere Pro
  • Launch Premiere Pro (version 2019 or later—older versions are not compatible)
  • Click the “Open Premiere Rush Project” button on the Start Screen
  • You will then see your available Premiere Rush projects. Select the Premiere Rush project you want to open
    • Note: If you aren’t seeing the projects you expect to see, make sure your computer is connected to the internet and that the particular project has sync turned on
  • Your new Premiere Pro project will automatically save in your documents folder
  • You’ll be taken into Premiere Pro to begin editing that project!
    • You can do more complex edits like time remapping and adjustment layer color grading
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