Automatic speech to text generation of closed captions is being removed from Adobe Presenter Video Express.


You can no longer click the CC icon in Adobe Presenter Video Express to get your speech automatically converted to text closed captions. 

Instead, now when you click the CC icon, Presenter Video Express generates placeholders that allow you to type in the closed captions. Once you manually enter the closed captions, this feature continues to function as in the previous versions.

Affected product versions

This change affects the following versions of Adobe Presenter and Adobe Presenter Video Express:

  • Presenter 10 Windows (PVX on Windows was part of Presenter 10)
  • Presenter 11 Windows (PVX 11 Win is also a part of Presenter 11 Windows)
  • Presenter Video Express 10, Mac
  • Presenter Video Express 11, Windows
  • Presenter Video Express 11, Mac

Note that earlier versions of Adobe Presenter Video Express offer an option through the UI to add a script to generate closed captions. 

However, even though this dialog is present in the product, this feature does not work.

If you have any questions or concerns about the deprecation of this feature in any Presenter Video Express version, contact us for help. 

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