The Adobe Presenter 7.0.5 update addresses a number of issues across the entire product. Adobe recommends that all Adobe Presenter 7 users apply this update. This update will be distributed through the automatic product update system and can also be downloaded from the Adobe Presenter product update page. This update would be available for all the languages supported by Adobe Presenter 7:

Brazilian Portuguese, Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Simplified Chinese, Russian, Turkish and Spanish.

Areas of Focus for 7.0.5 Update

The sections below describe the key areas that underwent changes:

Improved PowerPoint Conversion and PPTX Format support

  • Added support for PowerPoint SmartArt Animations
  • Enhanced fidelity for PowerPoint SmartArt Animations
  • Enhanced flash conversion fidelity of embedded images in PowerPoint
  • Enhanced flash conversion fidelity for PowerPoint Text and shape effects


  • Enhanced Presenter presentation player controls, Quiz controls and Warning messages to make them assistive technology friendly and keyboard navigable
  • Resolved issues where text content in presentations was not being exposed to screen readers
  • Resolved issues where alternative text inserted using PowerPoint was not being exposed to screen readers

Audio Editing

  • Resolved issue where recording audio for slide using pause then record only kept the last part
  • Resolved issue where 'Unknown codec' error was seen on playing MP3 files of size less than or equal to 8Kb inside Audio Editor and Quiz Manager while audio played correctly in published output.
  • Resolved issue where Animation on slides created from Presenter 6 with audio command-markers was not in sync with audio when published from Presenter 7.0.x
  • Resolved issue where First quarter second of audio would clip when the audio is played for the first time in published o/p
  • Resolved issue where Goto slide and wait for user markers were lost on converting a Presenter 6 file to 7 or vice versa
  • Resolved issue where after publishing to Connect Pro with audio assets, for the same session of PowerPoint audio imported/recorded, audio editing/syncing did not get reflected in the published output

Embedding of Captivate Content using Presenter

  • Enhanced support for Captivate created Flash content having full motion recording
  • Resolved issue where Captivate content would get imported with incorrect dimensions
  • Resolved issue where Captivate created SWF files when inserted on the sidebar were not controllable by the Presenter playbar

Inserting Flash and Video Content

  • Resolved issue where on inserting the swf file on the presentation sidebar, it did not fit in and overlapped with the tabs on the sidebar
  • Resolved issue where aspect ratio of swf file was lost for large swf files
  • Resolved issue where swf file inserted using Insert Flash Option was not published after it was removed from the source folder
  • Resolved issue where Presenter would fail to import f4v files
  • Resolved issue where multiple SWF files having same name when inserted as sidebar video would not play properly
  • Resolved issue where some videos would not stream in Connect Pro meetings but are progressively downloaded.
  • Resolved issue where embedded flv videos would not play in Connect Pro meetings
  • Resolved issue where re-importing on the slide was not possible after importing read-only FLV/F4v on slide area/sidebar
  • Resolved issue where deleting a video from one slide would cause it to be deleted from other slides also if the same video is being used in multiple slides
  • Resolved issue where Powerpoint would hang on importing a Quick time video (3gp,mp4) on Japanese systems

  • Resolved issue where the dimensions of video inserted would not be the same as that of the actual video


Publishing to Acrobat Connect Pro

  • Resolved issue where inside a Connect Pro meeting the presentation playbar keyboard shortcuts would work even when "show presentation playbar" option of the sharepod is not selected
  • Resolved issue where bandwidth utilization would experience a spike while sharing Presenter presentations in meeting share pod
  • Resolved issue where uploading presentations to Connect Pro servers having NTLM authentication enabled would result in a connection error
  • Resolved issue where presentation having another presentation embedded in it would not get published to Connect Pro server
  • Resolved issue where Presenter presentations having video would sometimes freeze in the buffering state on low bandwidth connections, when shared over a secure connection.


  • Resolved issue where answer options would overlap and radio button becomes non-selectable incase of questions having option shuffling on
  • Resolved issue where Powerpoint 2008 (Mac) created files when modified in power point 2007(Windows) to insert a quiz would make some quiz buttons appear black in the presentation.
  • Resolved issue where volume control was not working when audio is played as a response to quiz question's
  • Resolved issue where on Korean and Japanese systems changing the default fonts in appearance tab of Quiz manager would not update the same in PowerPoint slides and in published presentations
  • Resolved issue where quiz button position was being reset to default when quizzes created using earlier versions of Presenter were modified using Presenter 7
  • Resolved issue where shuffle answers option setting to the quiz was not getting applied to the question groups inside of the quiz
  • Resolved issue where customized quiz button text was reset to default quiz button text after using the quiz manager.
  • Resolved issue where a presentation having a question with blank answer option would result in a "500 Internal Server Error" when published to Connect Pro
  • Resolved the issue where within the "If failing grade" section when selecting the "Open URL" action, "Current" window option; it opens a new window and does not stay within the current window.

LMS Reporting

  • Resolved issue where Presenter content does not send "Exit_AU" message to an AICC LMS when AICC session is closed.
  • Resolved issue where Presenter 7 presentations would show Java Script error in the course window when launched from the SkillPort LMS system.

Known Issues

  1. This update improves the conversion fidelity of PowerPoint files as highlighted above. In some cases there would be an increase in the time taken to convert PowerPoint files after applying this update (Eg: When PowerPoint files contain SmartArts, 3D shape effects etc.)
  2. There would be increase in the time taken to convert to flash if the DPI settings of the default printer on the system is more than 600 DPI. This setting is generally available in the printer properties under printing preferences.

Installation Instructions

This update requires that Adobe Presenter 7.0.2 be installed on your system. To determine which version of Adobe Presenter you have currently installed, choose Adobe Presenter Help > About Adobe Presenter. The version number appears on the top right corner below the close dialogue box button.

To install Presenter 7.0.2, please install Presenter 7 and then apply Presenter 7.0.1 and Presenter 7.0.2 updates. All the three installers are also available from the pre-release site. Presenter 7.0.1 and Presenter 7.0.2 updates can also be installed either by using the Adobe updater or by using the update installer file.

  • To install using the Adobe updater, choose Adobe Presenter > Help > Updates in Adobe Presenter. Select Presenter 7.0.5 update from the list of available updates to download and install. Note: If updates choice is not available in help menu, please click on any of the Presenter buttons and try again.
  • To install using the update installer file, download the update file from the Adobe product updates page. After downloading the update file, double-click the file to begin the update process.

System Requirements

Adobe Presenter 7.0.5 update patches the existing Adobe Presenter 7.0.2 installation. Adobe Presenter 7 release notes can be found here. Applying Adobe Presenter 7.0.5 patch does not change Adobe Presenter 7 system requirements.

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