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What's new in Adobe Presenter

Adobe Presenter will be End of Life from June 1, 2022

Thank you for being part of the exciting journey of Adobe Presenter.

As Adobe continues to refocus on developing new products and solutions, we have decided to End of Life (EOL) Adobe Presenter on June 1, 2022.

For more information, see Adobe Presenter EOL FAQ.

Adobe Presenter 11.1 software lets you transform your PowerPoint slides into interactive eLearning with stunning assets and quizzes. Simultaneously capture your screen content with your webcam video and turn static content into HD videos right from your desktop. Edit videos within the project timeline and publish to popular video sharing sites. Leverage HTML5 publishing to deliver courses to desktops and tablets. Track learner performance with the integration of leading LMSs.

For video enthusiasts, Presenter also comes with Presenter Video Express.

With Adobe Presenter Video Express 2017 you get a personal video studio right at your desktop. Save time, money and effort while you create, edit and mix interactive HD videos. Record yourself or your screen, or bring in external video. Mix and enhance to transform the video viewing experience using dynamic background replacement, effects, in-video questions and much more. Seamlessly deliver a multi-device viewing experience, and enable the content for analytics.

What's new and changed in Adobe Presenter 11.1

Presenter 11.1 includes Presenter Video Express 2017 software and also supports PowerPoint 2016 (Office 2016). 

For more information, see Adobe Presenter 11.1 release notes

What's new and changed in Adobe Presenter 11

Embed WebObjects and Videos

You can now embed open web content into your project. The content is dynamically fetched at run-time without adding bulk to your project. 

You can also embed videos into your project. Customize the appearance and length of the embedded videos as per your requirements easily. 

For more information on this feature, click here

Publish project to Adobe Captivate Prime

Adobe Captivate Prime is a Learning Management System (LMS) that you can use to distribute your e-learning course over the internet to learners.

You can now publish your project to Adobe Captivate Prime. Here's how.

Slide transitions supported for HTML5

Earlier versions of Adobe Presenter supported slide transitions in SWF output. In this release slide transitions are also supported in HTML5 output. 




With this release, the following slide transitions are supported in HTML5 output:

  • blinds   
  • cover
  • fade      
  • pan
  • push     
  • randomBar
  • split       
  • wipe
  • zoom    
  • door
  • comb

Note: When an un-supported transition is added, by default Presenter uses the fade transition in the output.

New stock characters included

This version of Adobe Presenter includes additional characters that you can include in your projects. 

Click the Character widget in the Adobe Presenter ribbon from within PowerPoint to access stock characters that you can use.

Adding characters

Localization-related changes

Availability of Adobe Presenter in Arabic language

From this version on, Adobe Presenter is available in Arabic language as well. This also includes the localized Arabic version of Presenter Video Express.

Localized interactions

From this version on, the interactions in Adobe Presenter are also available in all localized languages, except Arabic.

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