TVSDK 2.4 Xbox One for JavaScript Release Notes describe the supported features and the known issues in TVSDK 2.4 Xbox One.

To install TVSDK 2.4 for Xbox One for JavaScript, extract the package and run the PrepareRelease.bat file. This step copies the library to the location from where the sample application can pick up the library. You can test the library by using the provided sample application.

Supported Features

The following features are supported in Browser TVSDK 2.4 for Xbox One for JavaScript:

  • MPEG-DASH VOD and Live playback
  • Adaptive bit rate streaming
  • Encrypted content playback with PlayReady DRM
  • Multichannel audio support
  • WebVTT and 608/708 closed captions
  • Failover support
  • QOS notifications
  • Customize adaptive bit rate and buffer control parameters
  • Instant on with a custom start position


Known Issues

Here are the known issues for Browser TVSDK 2.4 for Xbox One for JavaScript:

  • Unable to test and certify Live Longevity:
    To certify Live Longevity, you must have at least 3 hours of live content. If you have 2 hours or less, you cannot certify the content.

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