PDF set up and posting

GEP directory and title page art

  1. A GEP directory needs to be present for use in generating the CQ PDF. If a new directory needs to be created, see for example: /XML/en-us/Products/prelude/using.


    The GEP directory is the same as the GEP web help directory. For the purposes of the PDF, it is  used only to specify criteria in meta.xml such as pointing to the live html (both CQ and GEP topics) that is already published.

  2. The CQ PDF depends on the following key/values in meta.xml:


    Filename of the pdf.


    Location of the title page when prepended with baseUrl https://loc.adobe.com/PrintArtwork/<locale>/CQ/.


    Location of topic browsing content to be included in the PDF. (Topics not in CQ or GEP are excluded from the PDF.)

  3. A title page art file named title_PoD.pdf needs to be posted at: https://loc.adobe.com/PrintArtwork/<locale>/CQ/<product>/using/title_PoD.pdf:

    • Create in Illustrator CS5 with artboard 8.5 in x 11 in.
    • Remove unused layers to prevent a bug in AI where hidden layers (such as "production notes") may display in the pdf. Exception: Keep layers in the file that's handed off to en_xx.
    • Save As Adobe PDF (*.PDF) with the option Create Acrobat Layers from Top-Level Layers unchecked.
    • Loc vendors can open the file directly in Illustrator to localize and save.

CQ set up

  1. Topic browsing is published to the location matching the cqTopics url specified in meta.xml.

  2. Content lead adds link(s) to the PDF with the location matching the posted pdf and helpcfg downloadPdf attribute.

Generate and QE

  • IMPORTANT: The pdf is based on live topics.html. If there are issues, check the live html first.
  • See PDF Help generation and testing.
  • Delete completely blank pages or pages with just the Creative Commons link or empty More Help Topics before posting.

Posting final PDFs

  1. Until the Post to STAGE button in GEP is updated, use one of these methods to manually post final pdfs to helpx.stage.adobe.com:

    1. (Adobe Production) Obtain the DW site from Perforce\theoden.corp.adobe.com_1750: \\depot\Production\dreamweaver_sites\cq-helpx-stage-all.ste.

      In DW, expand the locale directory/pdf folder. For example:

    2. (Loc) Use GEP Explorer > Assets > Upload to upload the pdf to /HelpX/outbox/locale/pdf/pdf_filename.pdf which is the same as http://helpx.stage.adobe.com/locale/pdf/pdf_filename.pdf.

      See also https://zerowing.corp.adobe.com/display/AdobeLR/Process+for+posting+PDFs.

  2. Push live using the Web Push tool: https://web-stage.corp.adobe.com/webpush/helpx.adobe.com/.

  3. (Adobe Production) Refresh this content in CHC Web Service.

    (Loc) Request Adobe Production to refresh this content in CHC Web Service.

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