Upload Metadata

Prepare spreadsheet

Content lead should have filled out a spreadsheet specifying URLs and metadata for urlpointers to external pages that should get included in curated topic browsing. A template spreadsheet can be found on Acrobat.com. Or see this example pre-filled spreadsheet:


  1. Spot check that each column is filled out, in particular that the Product is specified as the correct tag SG_PRODUCTNAME_1_1 and not the friendly name.

  2. From Excel, choose File > Save As > Save As Type: Text (Tab delimited) *.txt with a logical name, such as "upload_after_effects_other.txt". (Do not save as CSV.)

  3. Check that urlpointers to external pages besides help.adobe.com have not yet been manually created.


    Although we created a placeholder "others" node with plural "s", if no manual files have been created under it, you can either delete it now or later since the Upload Metadata script is set to create a "other" node (singular tense). <<Should fix this bug.>>

Upload Metadata

  1. In siteadmin, open the file at the very bottom of the Explorer called "Upload Metadata".

  2. Specify the product node to upload into. For example, after-effects.

  3. Browse to select the spreadsheet that was saved as Tab delimited .txt file. (Again ignore that the UI says "CSV File:".

  4. Click Submit Query.

    Once completed successfully, the screen will indicate Done at the bottom. Your product node should now be populated with urlpointers/other pages.


  1. The following structure should be populated directly under help/en/productnode/urlpointers/:


        pages with titles matching entries in the Title column of the spreadsheet


  2. other node:

    • Title=other
    • Name=other
    • Template=Content Type
    • Page Properties=Product only. (Add this.)
  3. Pages should be as follows:

    • Title=Title
    • Name=Derived from title, hyphenated alpha numeric. Can be longer than 5 words and include stop words. This isn't visible to users and gets substituted by the actual destination url.
    • Template=External Page
    • Properties: Match data specified in the spreadsheet


  4. Publish all the other urlpointer pages (to QA for now; later Live on approved schedule).

  5. Spot check that pages get included in the index page(s) and main topic browsing section that calls for the applied Topic Tag.

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