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Lightbox is a special type of collection that provides easy access to assets. You can quickly access Lightbox to add or delete assets.

Each user has an exclusive Lightbox that is automatically created when the user logs in to Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) Assets.

Adding assets to lightbox

  1. Navigate to the location of the assets that you want to add to Lightbox, and select the assets.

  2. Drag the assets to the Drop in Lightbox zone. Release the mouse button when the Dropzone becomes active and its label changes to Drop to Add.

  3. Click Add and then close to confirmation message to complete the process. The selected assets are added to Lightbox.

  4. To view Lightbox, go to the Collections console.

  5. Click/tab the Lightbox to view the assets in it.



    Although Lightbox resembles a collection, you can't perform all the actions that you can normally perform on collections. For example, you can't delete, share, or view settings for a Lightbox. In addition, you can't add it to other collections. However, you can edit the assets inside a lightbox.

Removing Assets in Lightbox

  1. Navigate to the Collections console, click/tap Lightbox to view its assets.

  2. Select the assets you want to remove.

  3. From the toolbar, click/tap Remove.

  4. Click/tap Remove in the dialog to confirm the delete action. The assets are deleted from Lightbox.


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