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Deploying the necessary eCommerce packages will provide the full functionality of the eCommerce framework, together with a reference implementation of eCommerce functionality as provided with a IBM Websphere Commerce implementation (including a demonstration catalog).

This is available under the English (US) branch (/content/geometrixx-outdoors/en_US) of the Geometrixx Outdoors site.


To run the Geometrixx Outdoors store with WebSphere Commerce, the Geometrixx Outdoors products and catalog data must be loaded into WebSphere Commerce.

Technical Requirements

The IBM Websphere extension of the eCommerce Integration Framework has been made to support Websphere Commerce version 7 Feature Pack 8.


You will need Java 7.

Packages Needed for eCommerce with Websphere Commerce

To install eCommerce functionality you need:

  • Your Websphere Commerce server.
  • AEM eCommerce framework:
    • this is part of a standard AEM installation
  • AEM Websphere Commerce content packages, available through your Daycare account:
    • cq-websphere-commerce-1.0.0-NPR-6709
    • cq-geometrixx-websphere-content:1.0.0-NPR-6709-620-R004
    • a reference implementation to illustrate use of Websphere Commerce (geometrixx-outdoors/en_US)

Installation of eCommerce with Websphere Commerce

To install AEM with a Websphere Commerce integration configuration (using the demonstration catalog, Geometrixx Outdoors), the basic steps are:

  1. Install the demonstration content packages using the package manager:

    1. cq-websphere-commerce-1.0.0-NPR-6709
    2. cq-geometrixx-websphere-content:1.0.0-NPR-6709-620-R004
  2. Author any supplementary pages that you need in AEM.


To download the packages, navigate to Package Share.

AEM needs to be configured to connect to the WebSphere Commerce server instance, which is our demo WebSphere Commerce Server running the Geometrixx Outdoors eSite.

  1. Click Adobe CQ Commerce - IBM WebSphere Commerce REST API client.

  2. Enter the Websphere Commerce server host / ip as required.

  3. Click Save.


Use of the Websphere Commerce server requires a separate license.