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The  rating component, a tally subclass, allows signed in community members to rate a feature on the website.

Placing multiple instances of a voting component on the same page is allowed; each instance must be configured with an unique tally name property.

Anonymous posting of a rating is not supported.  Site visitors must register and sign in to participate in a rating only once.  The signed in visitor (member) may change their rating at any time.

Essentials for Client-Side

 resourceType  social/tally/components/hbs/rating
 includable Yes - properties are editable in design mode
 clientlibs  cq.social.hbs.rating


CSS  /libs/social/tally/components/hbs/rating/clientlibs/ratingcomponent.css

see Using Rating

Essentials for Server-Side

Accessing Posted Ratings (UGC)

UGC should be moderated using one of the standard methods for moderation.
See Moderating User Generated Content.

As of AEM 6.1 Communities, use of a common store for UGC includes programmatic access to UGC regardless of the chosen storage option (such as ASRP, MSRP or JSRP).

The location and format of the UGC in the repository is subject to change without warning.

See :

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