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See Content Fragment Updates and Content Services - Feature Packs Release Notes.

This set of Feature Packs delivers updates to Content Fragments, the JSON Exporter and Core Components.

These enable the definition of structured content for the fragments; together with the updated JSON exporter, this structured content can then be used to deliver AEM content via Content Services to channels other than AEM pages. 


The Content Services feature is documented for preview purposes only.

It is subject to change with the release of 6.3 GA Service Pack 1. 

Content Services, that introduces several new AEM constructs allowing a developer to access AEM managed content without knoweldge of the repository structure of that content.

Enabling Content Services

You must enable the content services flag to access all the features and functiionalities of Content Services.

The Content Services flag is enables using Adobe Experience Manager Web Console Configuration.


Check the Enable AEM Content Services and click Save, to get started with Model Creation and Management.


Before you start to author content for models, spaces, entities and folders, enable data models. See the section below for more details. 

Enabling Data Models

To create a new configuration or enable Data Models on an existing configuration, enable Configuration Browser.

The steps to enable Configuration Browser are as follows:


  1. Choose Configuration Browser under Navigation. 


  2. Enter the Title and click Create to create a new configuration. 

    Select Data Models to create models.



    Once you are done creating your configuration, you can create the model, spaces, and enities for your mobile app.

    See Content Services under authoring section to get started with creating and managing models.