Feature Pack for replication enhancement. Optimizes replication queue and replication usage on various aspects.  Makes file-storage for replication content configurable, displays item size in replication queue, improves logging, makes transport of replication actions more reliable, etc.

Replaces the following hotfixes / featurepacks :

  • 29516
  • 29971
  • 30355
  • 30642
  • 31039


The package is available on the public section of the Package Share.

  1. To access the Package Share :
  2. Start your local CQ instance
  3. Open http://localhost:CQ_PORT/libs/cq/packaging/content/packageshare.html/packageshare/packages/public/day/cq530/feature/cq-5.3.0-featurepack-34595.html
  4. Login or register for a new account
  5. Download the feature pack

IMPORTANT NOTE: Requires restart.

If you have disabled "Cluster", please remove the jcrcluster support bundle from /libs/cq/commons/install and from Apache Felix Console, then checked "Job Processing Enabled" in DefaultJobManager configuration and save.

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