Physics add extra liveliness to your creations in Adobe Character Animator. This tutorial shows how to add tags and behaviors to your artwork to create effects like collidable objects, dangling hair, and a rainfall particle system.

Make collidable objects

Add tags to make objects collide.

What you learned: Make a scene of collidable objects

  • The Dynamic and Collide tags make independent groups subject to the laws of gravity and bump into each other.
  • Adjusting the Physics behavior parameters can change things like wind, gravity, and bounciness.
  • Adding a Physics behavior directly to a group lets you set specific rules for just one object in a scene.

Add dangle physics

Add dangle handles to enliven several character features.

What you learned: Adding dangle physics to characters

  • A dangle handle is like a metal ball that causes character parts to bounce, sway, and slide realistically with your character’s movements.
  • Moving the origin handle of any independent group will determine where it attaches to other artwork and where dangle handles pivot from.
  • Adjusting the Physics behavior parameters, particularly stiffness, will make dangle effects more or less subtle.

Create a particle system

Make falling or shooting particles.

What you learned:

  • Adding a Particles behavior turns any independent group into a falling sequence or a shooting cannon.
  • Checking Collide in the Particles behavior makes it collide with other objects, like rain bouncing off of an umbrella.
  • Changing behavior parameters like velocity and particles per second has dramatic effects on the simulation.


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