Animated display ads are an effective, attention-grabbing way to attract more views and increase brand awareness.

A series of animated banner ads with a shared design system and different music imagery

Banner ads help get the message out

Banner ads, which typically appear at the top of a webpage, are such a common feature of online life that you may not even notice them anymore. Make an animated banner and its motion will draw the viewer’s eye, so your information has a better chance of getting across.

Ways to make your animated banner ad stand out

  • Animate type in and out of the scene with text presets.
  • Give life to graphic elements with shape layers and the Wiggle Paths option.
  • Make looping animations so the message repeats fluidly.

Think of an animated banner ad as your own little theater. The edges of the ad are just like the edges of a stage. If you have multiple topics to cover, treat each one like its own scene. Animate its entrance into and exit from the banner as if you were changing the set in a play.

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