Make your images and videos stand out with custom animated stickers.

An image of sneakers on concrete, shot looking down, overlaid with lightning-bolt and heart stickers

Why create stickers?

You can use stickers to add interest or draw the viewer’s eye to a particular area in a social-media post. 

What goes into a sticker?

Stickers can be anything from static text or images to full-on animated characters. 

What makes a good sticker?

  • Eye-catching, vibrant colors and style help the sticker pop off the background
  • Loopable animation captures the viewer’s attention
  • Instructions to give direction and encourage interaction (“Sound on” or “Swipe up,” for example)

Pro tip for creating loopable animations for your sticker: make sure the first and last frames match visually. This creates a seamless loop that won’t distract the viewer when it repeats. To do this for any animated property, copy the first keyframe and paste it at the end of the timeline.

When working with text, bold outlines help your message stand out. Start by converting editable text to a shape layer. Shape layers are vector layers with many options for animating and modifying graphic elements. Now you can use options like Stroke and Gradient Stroke to outline your text.

Shape layers also let you add a hand-drawn animation style to your stickers. With additional animation options like Wiggle Paths and Wiggle Transform, shape layers can help you get things moving with properties like Size, Details, and Wiggles/Second.

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