Features summary | After Effects (December 2021 release)

Universal text engine

Working with multiple languages in After Effects and Premiere Pro is easier and faster now. 

Instead of going to Preferences every time you need to use a different script, simply start typing in the chosen language. For graphics that include Middle Eastern and South Asian languages, Left-to-right or right-to-left settings can be applied directly in the Essential Graphics panel. Different scripts can be combined in the same graphics elements and all text layers are interchangeable, making titles and graphics easier and faster for multi-lingual editing.

Cinema 4D R25 support

After Effects now supports the Cinema 4D vR25 features.

Now in After Effects (Beta)

Extended Viewport

This feature enables you to expand the composition view beyond the frame edge in order to navigate 3D space conveniently. See more of your design, navigate 3D space, and move 3D layers more easily. Hide or dim the area beyond the frame to get a look at your final shot.

Properties panel

The Properties panel enables you to make quick creative decisions and stay in the creative flow.  The new contextual panel displays important properties of all the selected layers, thus eliminating the need to twirl open multiple hierarchies in the Timeline panel or open a different panel in my workspace. It improves accessibility of layer and object properties in After Effects, thus speeding up common workflows.


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