Invalidating a legacy implementation

Sometimes an organization would like to remove an implementation due to contract expiration or to reduce the number of server calls. Rather than editing each page and removing any Adobe Analytics code, you can replace the entire contents of the s_code.js file with this single line:

var s=new object();

Replacing the core JavaScript code with the above line still defines variables locally on each user's machine, but does not send an image request. All variables and functions technically exist as part of the object, however there is no logic in the s.t() function or meaning to any Analytics variables. Also, because the variable 's' is defined, no JavaScript errors are thrown.

This method is recommended as opposed to other inefficient methods, such as the following:

  • Changing the report suite ID to an invalid report suite: It is not recommended to change the report suite ID to another value, as it causes unnecessary load on Adobe's servers.
  • Remove the s_code.js file altogether: This method causes a 404 error on all pages, since it cannot locate the core JavaScript file. It also throws JavaScript errors stating 's' is not defined.
  • Changing s.trackingServer to point away from Adobe: As long as the s.t() function exists, an image request goes somewhere. Changing s.trackingServer to another location other than Adobe's servers is not recommended, as it causes unnecessary load to whatever location you define the variable to. Also, all image requests return with a status of 404, since no other location is equipped to handle and return image requests in Adobe's format.

Invalidating an implementation on DTM

Click the gear icon next to your Adobe Analytics tool, then click 'Deactivate Tool' at the bottom of the page. Save your changes, then approve and publish.

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