When you hover/click over the individual page names in the pages report then page URL shows up in the status bar of the browser (bottom left of the web page).

But what if, the same page name is defined for a number of web pages?

For eg: (if there are three pages in test website)
www.test.com/b, and

but page name defined is same for all three i.e s.pageName="Test". Now the question arises which URL will show up in the status bar while hovering the mouse over.

Answer: The first hit of the month will show up in the status bar.

It means that if the Test page had "X" url as the first entry in the month then, it will show up in the pages report, when you hover/click that particular pageName.


Now what if the date range requested is for more than a month, will that change the URL of the pagename to the first in the first month of the date range selected.

Answer: No, it will show a ‘javascript:void(0)’ error on hovering and no url will open when clicked on the pagename. This is because this pagename has more than one URL hence the JS error.

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