A common error message in reporting is:

"No data match these criteria. Verify the segment, metrics, date range, and filters."

The following are several reasons why this error can occur:

Data exists but has been filtered out

Just as the error states, double check the following:

  • Segment: If a segment is used, check its definition to make sure that it is not segmenting out all data. If multiple segments are used, remove them one at a time to see which segment results in no data.
  • Metrics: As many events are optional, it is possible for them to not show any data. A common cause of this error is where revenue is the default metric on a site that does not track revenue. Changing the metric to something like page views or visits shows data.
  • Date range: Check that the date range is not set to a time before data was collected, or beyond the report suite's data retention period.
  • Filters: Remove the data filter, as no data is returned if the filter does not match any line items.

If data still does not show

If there is no segment, the metric is occurrences, the date range is the current month, and no filters are applied, check the following:

  • Verify the report suite: Make sure you're not in a report suite that has been created but has not been populated with data yet.
  • Latency: In many reports, there is an 'Include current data option' in report settings near the top of the page. Hovering over the clock icon shows the amount of latency for this report suite.
  • Verify that data collection exists: Navigate to your website the report suite is supposed to track, and open the Adobe Debugger. If an image request is not present, work with your organization's dev team to rectify it. If there are no image requests on your site, data loss is present.
  • Verify that image requests send correct data: Sometimes an image request is seen, but the data in it is incorrect. Incorrect data can sometimes prevent report population.
    • Make sure that data is being sent to the right location by checking the report suite ID
    • Make sure that there is not an invalid value in the currency code variable
    • Verify that the report suite and image request have matching timestamp support

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