Adobe provides Analytics admins and other who have permissions to view the number of server calls used on a monthly basis. For more information on accessing these reports, see Billing in Analytics Help.


Adobe Marketing Cloud Customer Care does not support access or discrepancies with Billing. If you want to speak to an Adobe representative about billing, contact your organization's account manager.

Troubleshoot accessing Billing

The following are some steps to try if you're not able to access the Billing tab:

  • User permissions: If you don't see the Billing tab, it is likely a permissions issue. Work with an Analytics admin within your organization to ensure that you have proper access
  • Caching issue: Sometimes the billing tab has issues rendering due to the existing browser cache. Try either clearing your browser's cache and cookies, or try a different browser.
  • Invalid billing company: If you suspect the billing company tied with your Analytics login company is inaccurate or invalid, contact your organization's Account Manager.

Troubleshoot billing discrepancies

If you notice that the number of server calls on your bill do not closely match the Analytics UI, check the following:

  • Make sure that all server calls are taken into account: Server calls do not consist solely of page views. Total server calls also include custom links, download links, and exit links. Classification key values that are uploaded to Adobe Analytics that do not exist are also counted toward server calls.
  • Make sure that all report suites are taken into account: Inactive and hidden report suites still count toward billable server calls. If you retire a report suite, ensure that all data sent to that report suite is halted as well.
  • Make sure all report suites have the right billing ID: Sometimes a report suite will not show up in the billing tab due to an invalid billing ID. If you do not see certain report suites in the billing tab, work with your organization's Account Manager to correct it.

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