Ad Hoc Analysis is a java-based capability of Adobe Analytics, accessed mainly through a web interface. Because it depends on several outside platforms, consider these platforms when troubleshooting.

Can't see the Ad Hoc Analysis launch button

Several factors affect display of the launch button:

  • Incorrect permissions: All users, including admins, must belong to the "Ad Hoc Analysis users" group to see the launch button. Check the user's permissions to ensure that they belong to that group.
  • Cache issues: If you correctly belong to the "Ad Hoc Analysis users" group, clear your browser's cache or use another browser. Sometimes the button's cache can prevent it from appearing.
  • Maintenance release: Adobe conducts maintenance to the Adobe Analytics web interface at least once a month. Check to make sure that a maintenance release is not underway.

Unable to open the downloaded file

Use the following solutions if you click the launch button and successfully receive the .jnlp file, but it doesn't open.

  • "Unable to launch the specified application" error message: This issue originates from Java, not Ad Hoc Analysis. To resolve this error message, do the following:
    1. Clear the Java cache.
    2. Ensure that you have the latest version of Java installed.
    3. Restart your computer.
    4. Work with your organization's IT team to ensure that there are no interfering proxy settings with Java.
    5. If using a downloaded shortcut, redownload the file from the web interface.
    • Since this issue is not related to Ad Hoc Analysis, consult your organization's IT team if the problem persists after these steps.
  • Prompt for a program to open the .jnlp file: Occasionally, the file association with Java Web Start files can be lost. To restore it, browse to C:\Program Files\Java\jre7\lib and associate it with javaws.jar, or simply download and install the latest version of Java.
  • Unable to open Ad Hoc Analysis in OSX: Some previous versions of Java cause all web start applications, including Ad Hoc Analysis, to fail. Upgrading to the latest version of Java and accessing Ad Hoc Analysis from the web interface resolves this issue.
  • Ad Hoc Analysis crashes with the latest version of Java on OSX: If you're on the latest version and are still having issues, repair disk permissions using Disk Utility. System permissions can become out of sync, and Disk Utility helps resolve it.
  • Rename DeploymentRuleSet.jar: Navigate to C:\Windows\Sun\Java\Deployment\, and rename DeploymentRuleSet.jar to DeploymentRuleSetOld.jar. 

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