Types of users

Administrators can manage users from the Admin console. Users are then automatically synchronized with Adobe Campaign.

For more on this, refer to the Admin console documentation.

To view the users in Adobe Campaign, click the Adobe Campaign logo, in the top left corner, then select Administration > Users & Security > Users.

To access the user management interface from Adobe Campaign, click User administration.


Adobe Campaign allows you to assign a set of roles to your users to define which part of the interface they can access.

The specific roles and the corresponding authorizations are detailed in the following sections: understanding roles and authorizations.

This user segmentation is not mandatory, it is only a representation of the most common usage of Adobe Campaign.

This section will help you understand the main types of Adobe Campaign users. Here, we will not go into all the specific roles that a user can hold (start deliveries, export, prepare deliveries, etc.). For more information on roles, refer to List of roles and Managing groups and users pages.

We will rather focus on how the different tasks in Adobe Campaign are split between three main user types:

  • Functional administrators: among all your organization's users, they are the most technical.

  • Advanced users: they setup all the elements that marketers need to send and monitor their deliveries.

  • Basic users: they are the marketers who personalize, deliver and monitor their campaigns.


Functional administrators are different from the Adobe technical administrators. Adobe technical administrators hold an Adobe internal role which no customer can use. They manage the instance provisioning, hosting, infrastructure monitoring and supervision, technical troubleshooting.

Related topics:

Functional administrators

Functional administrators are users who can access the most technical parts of the interface. They hold the Administration role and make sure that the platform is all set up so that marketers only have to focus on delivering their campaigns.

Functional administrators are the only users who can access the Administration menu, in the Adobe Campaign interface.

Here are the main tasks they can perform:

Advanced users

Advanced users are marketing users who perform the most technical use cases in Adobe Campaign. They preconfigure all the elements that marketers use to send and monitor their deliveries.

Here are the main tasks they can perform:

Basic users

Thanks to the functional administrator and advanced users, marketers can personalize, deliver and monitor their campaigns without having to worry about the technical configuration.

Here are the main tasks they can perform:

  • Manage programs and campaigns: create marketing campaigns including different types of activities (emails, SMS messages, push notifications, workflows, landing pages).

  • Manage profiles and test profiles: manage the identified and test recipients that will be targeted by your deliveries. Add information such as first name, last name, contact information, subscriptions, emails, etc.

  • Create and send messages: create your message, select the audience, define the message content and its personalization elements, send proofs and send the final message to your audience.

  • Create and publish landing pages: create and manage a set of services that you wish to offer your clients, for example subscription or unsubscription forms.

  • Create and execute campaign workflows: automate your campaign processes using workflows.

  • Monitor your marketing activities through the available reports.

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