Bugs fixed in ColdFusion (2018 release) Update 6

Bug ID Description Component
CF-4205512 Rename the member function Query.swap() to Query.rowSwap(). Language : Member Functions
CF-4205435 You are unable to rename a column using the function setColumnNames, while executing a query. Database : CFQuery
CF-4205370 In ColdFusion Enterprise edition, you are unable to increase the maximum number of threads available for CFTHREAD more than 10. Tags : General
CF-4205271 After installing Update 5 of the 2018 release of ColdFusion, the server becomes unresponsive after a while. Performance
CF-4205268 When you return a function from a Lambda function, ColdFusion requires that you use a block body syntax. Language
CF-4205252 After installing Update 5 and configuring the connector, there are intermittent issues when launching the ColdFusion Administrator page. Installation/Config : Connector
CF-4205251 After the update, nested implicit structures in an argument in an IF statement throw an error. General Server
CF-4205250 A <cfoutput> tag outside of a function call causes a nested tag error if the function call contains a <cfoutput query=" "> Core Runtime
CF-4205248 If you pass a Lambda function into a BIF with a default value in one of the parameters, a parsing error occurs. Language : Closures
CF-4205247 If you pass a Lambda UDF into a BIF with no curly brackets around the body, a parsing error occurs. Language : Closures
CF-4205246 Lambda UDFs do not always parse as expected. Language : Closures
CF-4205245 When a Lambda function has curly brackets around the body, only an explicit return statement must return a value. The implicit return behavior only applies to a function body with no curly brackets. Language : Closures
CF-4205241 In a stand-alone installation of ColdFusion (2018 release) Update 5 within the Administrator, you are unable to create a war file.  Administrator : Archive