Learn about 3D models, materials, lights, and graphics, how these assets work in Dimension, and how to access and use more content from Adobe Stock.

What you learned: Work with assets in Dimension, from Adobe Stock, or import assets from your local drive

Starter assets

Dimension ships with many starter assets that you can use to jump-start your projects.

Asset types

Dimension lets you build 3D scenes by combining both 2D and 3D assets.  The different types of assets you can use in Dimension are:

  • Models, which are the 3D forms and shapes used in Dimension
  • Materials, which change the look of models
  • Images, which can be applied to models as patterns and logos
  • Lights, which adjust the reflection, shadows, color, and contrast of a scene

Adobe Stock 3D

Adobe Stock includes curated collections of 3D content, ready-made for use in Dimension.

  • Access Adobe Stock on the web
  • Use the Creative Cloud Libraries panel in-app to browse directly in Dimension

Import custom assets

Dimension also supports importing models, materials, lights, and images from your hard drive in many common formats.

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