Easily share your 3D designs on the web for review, or send to Adobe Aero for use in augmented reality to see your designs in the real world.

What you learned: Share 3D scenes online and in Adobe Aero, or export to use in other apps 

Publish your scene to share it on the web

  • Open the Share menu
  • Choose Publish 3D Scene
  • Name your scene
  • Click the Create Public Link button
  • Use the Copy Link or View on Web actions to access your shareable web scene

Embed published scenes in web pages

  • View your 3D scene on the web
  • Click the Share Icon
  • Choose Copy Embed Code
  • Paste the embed code into a supported web platform like Behance

Send Dimension scenes or objects to Aero

  • Select the objects you want to send
  • Open the Share Menu
  • Export Selected for Aero
  • Save the file to a location you can access from Aero, such as Creative Cloud Files
  • Open Aero and then import the file

Export in common 3D formats for workflows between other applications

  • Use Dimension format for lossless work between Dimension projects
  • Export in .GLTF, .OBJ or other lossy formats for use in other applications


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