Learn how to control your virtual camera in Dimension, staging your scene and controlling effects like depth of field to get a final shot.

What you learned: Move the virtual camera within your 3D scene

Camera tools

Use the virtual camera to control the view of your 3D scene. To use a tool, first activate it on the toolbar or using a shortcut, then click and drag in the canvas to interact with the tool.

  • Use the Orbit Tool to arc the camera around
  • Use the Pan Tool to move the camera up, down, left, and right
  • Use the Dolly Tool to move the camera forward and backward

Mouse and keyboard shortcuts

Use the mouse and keyboard shortcuts to control the view faster.  The default shortcuts are:

  • Keyboard
    • Orbit: 1
    • Pan: 2
    • Dolly: 3
  • Mouse
    • Right Mouse Orbit
    • Middle Mouse Pan
    • Scroll Wheel Dolly

Camera framing

Quickly move your camera to bring any object into its view using the Frame action.

  • Select an object you want to view
  • Use the Frame action or shortcut F

Use history to undo camera moves

Undo your camera moves without affecting your edit history.

Save bookmarks

Use Camera Bookmarks to quickly save your current view of the scene and easily return to them later.

  • Open the camera bookmark menu
  • Use the Add Bookmark button to save your view as a bookmark
  • Click on the name of a bookmark to move your camera to a saved view

Field of view

Change the field of view of your camera to get different perspective effects like isometric or fisheye lenses.

  • Select the Camera object in the Scene panel
  • In the Properties panel adjust the Field of View property

Control the camera's focus

Use the virtual camera to select a focus area and add blur to out-of-focus areas, creating depth of field effects.

  • Select the Camera object in the Scene panel
  • In the Properties panel toggle on the Focus property
  • Dimension will automatically focus the nearest object to your current camera view
  • Click the Set Focus action in the Properties panel
  • Click another object in the Canvas to set a new focus point
  • Adjust Blur in the Properties panel to control the strength of the focus effect
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