Error while using Slideshow in Organizer

When you try to create or play a slideshow project, it does not launch. In some cases, you get an error message such as the following:

This feature is not supported for the video adapter in your system

Solution 1: Upgrade the video driver

Try upgrading your video adapter's driver to the latest version available for your computer's operating system. However, if an update does not solve the error, or if an updated driver is not available, you may need to install a new video adapter.

Solution 2: Update the display link driver

Try updating the display link driver to the latest version for your computer's operating system.

Additional information

Some video adapters or the outdated drivers don't support the display of slideshows. For example, the following is a list of video adapters that do not support slideshow functionality:

  • Intel R Q35 chipset
  • ATi Radeon X800 series
  • NVIDIA GeForce 210
  • NVIDIA GeForce GTX 750

Note: The range of incompatible video adapters is not limited to the list above.


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