Learn how to create user groups for Adobe Asset Link.

Before you can install Adobe Asset Link, you must create a unique user group with the applicable creative users in the Adobe Admin Console. The users added to the group must have Enterprise IDs or Federated IDs.

Ensure all the applicable creative users are entitled to a Creative Cloud for enterprise plan with storage and services enabled. You can perform this task if you have any of the following roles assigned in the Admin Console.

  • System Admin
  • Product Admin
  • Product Profile Admin

To set up user groups in the Admin Console, do the following:

  1. In the Admin Console, navigate to Users Users.

  2. Add the applicable users to your organization in the Admin Console, if not already added. All these users must have Enterprise ID or Federated ID type accounts.


    If there is more than one organization ID, ensure you are using the one with Creative Cloud.

  3. Create a user group with the applicable creative users.

    Make a note of the user group name. It is required to map groups with Adobe Experience Manager (AEM).

  4. While working on the Admin Console, the URL shows your organization ID (for example, 51B9B7F056DD689887F008671@AdobeOrg).

    Make a note of this ID. It is required to link AEM to Adobe Identity Management System (IMS).