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This page provides the essentials of working with the comment system (comments component) and options for managing the user generated content (UGC) produced when members post comments or replies.

The comments component establishes a comment system such that each individual post is represented by a comment component (singular).  It is the comment system which is included on the page.  The comment system will create the individual comments when invoked.

Essentials for Client-Side

 resourceType  social/commons/components/hbs/comments
 includable Yes - properties are editable in design mode
 Clientlibs cq.ckeditor
 templates  /libs/social/commons/components/hbs/comments/comments.hbs
 CSS  /libs/social/commons/components/hbs/comments/clientlibs/commentsystem.css
 properties  see Using Comments

One Instance Per Page

Pagination and the use of URLs for caching and linking require that the URL be unique per comment system.  Therefore, only one instance of a comment system is allowed per page.

Other features already include the comment system.  These are :

Flag Reason List

The flagging reason list can be customized by adding flagreasonlist.hbs to your app to overwrite what is in

  • /libs/social/commons/components/hbs/comments/comment/flagreasonlist.hbs

This applies to any component which extends a comment system.

Essentials for Server-Side

Accessing Posted Comments (UGC)

UGC should be moderated using one of the standard methods for moderation.
See Moderating User Generated Content.

As of AEM 6.1 Communities, use of a common store for UGC includes programmatic access to UGC regardless of the chosen storage option (such as ASRP, MSRP or JSRP).

The location and format of the UGC in the repository is subject to change without warning.

See :