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Adobe constantly evaluates product capabilities, to over time reinvent or replace older features with more modern alternatives to improve overall customer value, always under careful consideration of backward compatibility.

To communicate the impending removal/replacement of AEM capabilities, the following rules apply:

  1. Announcement of deprecation comes first. While deprecated, capabiiities are still available, but they will not be further enhanced. 
  2. Removal of deprecated capabilities will occur in the following major release at the earliest. Actual target date for removal will be announced. 

This process gives customers at least one release cycle to adapt their implementation to a new version or successor of a deprecated capability, before actual removal. 

Deprecated Features

This section lists features and capabilities that have been marked as deprecated with AEM 6.3. Generally, features that are planned to be removed in a future release are set to deprecated first, with an alternative provided.

Customers are advised to review if they make use of the feature/capability in their current deployment, and make plans to change their implementation to use the alternative provided.

Area Feature Replacement
Foundation UI Shell 2.0 components UI Shell 3.0 components introduced with AEM 6.2
Foundation Deprecate renderReadOnly on Granite UI form components UI Shell 3.0 no longer uses this option
Foundation Deprecate Coral 3 coralui-component-badge Use coral-tag instead
Foundation Deprecate Coral 3 pathbrowser Use foundation-picker instead
Foundation Deprecate Coral 3 tags picker
Use /libs/cq/gui/components/coral/common/form/tagfield
Foundation Deprecate Coral 3 user picker
Use /libs/granite/ui/components/coral/foundation/authorizable/autocomplete
Foundation Deprecate granite.ui.quickactions clientlib Use coral-quickactions
Foundation Deprecate granite.ui.notifications clientlib Use foundation-ui
Foundation Deprecate Sling Event Bridge Adobe strongly recommends to use the performance optimized ResourceChangeListener whiteboard instead.
Workflow Notification UI used between 5.6-6.2
Workflow Inbox /aem/inbox
Workflow Project task list used between 6.0-6.2
Workflow Inbox /aem/inbox
Classic UI JCR Event Notification Inbox in Classic UI
Recently changed/visited rail.
Sites Deprecate Server-side Redirect based on device capabilities using WURFL  
Sites Deprecate Foundation Components /libs/foundation/components/mobile* Use Core Components
Sites Deprecate Marketing Campaign Management UI in Classic UI Use Offer Library UI
Sites Deprecate components /libs/mcm/components/cta* Use Core Components
Sites Deprecate components  /libs/mcm/components/newsletter Replaced with /libs/mcm/campaign/components
Sites Deprecated legacy Offline Importer in Classic UI No replacement
Assets Deprecate legacy API to manage /var/dam to /content/dam asset migration used in CQ 5.4 No replacement needed
Commerce Deprecate Classic UI Product Importer Use the new UI
Commerce Deprecate Classic UI Catalog Importer Use the new UI
Mobile Apps Stop using /content/phonegap Use /content/mobileapps instead
Mobile Apps Stop using /etc/clientlibs/mobile/content-sync Use /etc/clientlibs/mobile/content-sync-2 instead introduced with AEM 6.2
Mobile Apps Stop using Pushwoosh and Amazon SNS notification servicdes Use AEM Mobile SDK and it's notification support
Communities Deprecate the Social Connect component.  
Forms Deprecated seperate input parameters required to accept XDP, XSD, JSON and FDM to create Adaptive Forms and Adaptive Form Fragments. Replaced all seperate input parameters, getXDPRef and setXDPRef , with single input parameter formModelRef. It accepts XDP, XSD, JSON and FDM to create Adaptive Forms and Adaptive Form Fragments.  
Forms Deprecated ability to use formsportal default service to store  draft and submission into a jcr node Use a database to to store  draft and submission into a jcr node
Forms AEM Forms integration with AEM Mobile (PhoneGap) No Replacement

Removed Features

This section lists features and capabilities that have been removed from AEM 6.3. Prior releases had these capabilites marked as depreacted.

Area Feature Replacement
Analytics Activity Map The version of the Activity Map that is included within AEM.

Due to security changes within the Adobe Analytics API, it is no longer possible to use the version of Activity Map that is included within AEM.

The ActivityMap plugin provided by Adobe Analytics should now be used.

Marketing Cloud Integrations

Removed legacy integration with Adobe Audience Manager

  • Built-in Page Tagging of AAM JS
  • Client-side Rules via synced AAM segments

Adobe recommends to leverage the next generation integration that leverages the User ID service:

  • Page Tagging via DTM (works since 6.0)
  • Client-side Rules: Replaced by server-side integration between Adobe Target and AAM.
Marketing Cloud Integrations Removed Global MBox component Recommendation is to switch to DTM based delivery of Adobe Target and leverage at.js
Marketing Cloud Integrations Removed legacy Publish Adobe Target Offer function that was used in the 1st generation integration Recommendation is to leveage the Adobe Target integration as introduced with AEM 6.2
Marketing Cloud Integrations Removed legacy Adobe Analytics impression importer and SAINT integration

Replacement for ImpressionsImporter is ReportImporter

SAINT integration uses ClassificationsService/ClassificationsTransformer


On update to 6.3, a set of search index will no longer be used:

  • profiles
  • slingResource
  • damResolvedPath
  • users
  • groups
Foundation Removed Sling Background Servlet ( Use Sling Jobs mechanism instead. See Apache Sling docs
Foundation Removed legacy HTML Library Manager  
Foundation Removed legacy  
Foundation Removed unused granite.ui.utils.clientlib and Coral.Colorpicker from granite.u.coralui3  
Foundation Removed legacy CQ login pages.  They were deprecated with CQ 5.5. Adobe recommends to use the 'Granite' login components and pages.
Foundation Removed legacy security APIs The* API has been deprecated with CQ 5.5 as it was donated to the Apache Foundation. Adobe recommends to refactor the custom code and move to*
Foundation Removed com.adobe.sightly.engine The com.adobe.sightly.engine API has been deprecated with AEM 6.1 as it was donated to the Apache Foundation. The identical replacement is
Foundation Removed com.adobe.cq.sightly.WCMUse 
Refactor code to switch from WCMUse to com.adobe.cq.sightly.WCMUsePojo
Foundation Removed legacy search predicates used in Touch-UI of 5.6 and 6.0. Further, the release upgrade logic that was used to rewrite them to the new format in 6.1 was removed.  
Sites Removed legacy CQ Statistics service. This is the servlet tracking page impressions that are shown in the Classic Site Admin. Recommendation is to use the integrated Adobe Analytics for measuring content efficiency. Please contact your Adobe account manage to find out if you are eligible for Adobe Analytics Essentials.
Sites Removed legacy Was deprecated in 2010.
Sites Removed the Manuscript Editor UI AEM 6.2 introduced the Content Fragments that are replacing the Manuscripts. 
Sites Removed the Sites Importer UI from Classic UI. This capability was originially developered to create quick POC to get template from externally hosted sites.  
Assets Removed legacy API and workflows from Scene 7 integration from 5.6.1 no longer in use since 6.1  
Integration with DPS Classic The 'Publication UI' to manage content for Classic DPS apps has been removed. Customers that still need the AEM to Classic DPS integration can leverage the AEM Classic UI.
Sample Geometrixx Sites were fully removed from AEM 6.3 AEM 6.3 comes with a new set of samples sites, representing the state-of the-art of leveraging AEM for Sites, Communities, Assets and Mobile.

The following APIs are removed:

  • DataDictionaryInstance createDDInstanceFromXml(String dataDictionaryName, String xml)
  •  DataDictionaryInstance createDDInstanceFromXml(String dataDictionaryName, String xml, DDIOptionsSpec ddiOptionsSpec)

The removed APIs are replaced with the following APIs:

  • DataDictionaryInstance createDDInstanceFromXml2(String dataDictionaryId, String xml)
  • DataDictionaryInstance createDDInstanceFromXml2(String dataDictionaryId, String xml, DDIOptionsSpec ddiOptionsSpec)

Removed support for the following PDF Generator APis

  • Swf2Pdf
  • ICEBHtml2Pdf
  • (AIX only) Html2Pdf  
There are no replacement APIs for these.  
Forms Procedure to set up a web service in CRX You can use the AEM Forms Data Integration feature to configure and use a Web Service with Adaptive Forms.   
Forms Removed Document Security Indexer package from AEM Forms add-on Document Security Indexer is released a seperate package. You can install the package to use the Indexer.
Forms Removed privileges of the forms-user group and template-authors group to write arbitrary scripts Members of forms-power-user group and template-power-user has privileges to write arbitrary scripts. For users to be able to use code editor, add them to af-template-script-writers group.
Removed the FormPortalSubmitPreprocessor API No replacement

Removed the Rule Editor Invoke Web service feature from quick-start.

The guidelib.wsdlUtils API is removed. (It supported only Web Services operations)

Use the data integration (Form Data Model) feature to invoke a web service. If you have used the invoke web service prior to AEM 6.3, install AEM Forms Add-on  to continue invoking the service through old method.

The guidelib.dermisUtil API is introduced. It supports both Form Data Model and Web Services operations.

Pre-announcement for Next Release

This section is used to pre-announce changes in future release, that are not deprecated, but will impact customers. These are provided for planning purpose.

Java Language
Java VM AEM 6.3 is the last version that supports Java 7. The 2018 release Java 8 is the minimum Java VM supported
App Servers Servlet API AEM 6.3 is the last version that supports Servlet API 3.0. The 2018 release of AEM will have minium Servlet API 3.1 as requirement. With that older web application servers version will have to be upgraded to a version that supports Servlet API version 3.1+
Dispatcher Web Server
Oracle iPlanet By the end of 2017, Adobe will remove support for Oracle iPlanet Web Server 7.
Dispatcher Web Server Apache 2.2 Adobe will drop support for Apache httpd 2.2 after Dec 2017, and recommends to upgrade to Apache httpd 2.4. In case you stay with Apache 2.2 beyond Dec 2017, it is recommended to use a Linux distribution that commits to Apache 2.2 security updates. The latest dispatcher release of 2017 for Apache 2.2 will still be available for download until end of 2018.
Foundation UI Framework Adobe is planning to deprecate the Classic UI in 2018. Customers are advised to plan to update to AEM 6.3 and follow on with switching to use the new UI. Adobe is providing a tool to convert Classic UI dialogs to Coral 3 - Read more.
Foundation UI Framework Adobe is planning to deprecate the Coral UI 2 components in 2019. Coral UI 3 was introduced with AEM 6.2, and AEM 6.3 is fully based on Coral 3. Adobe recommends customers and partners that have build custom UIs with Coral 2 to refactored them to Coral 3. Adobe is providing a tool to convert Coral 2 dialogs to Coral 3 - Read more.