Learn how to open files, create a new drawing from a blank canvas, and discover useful drawing and painting techniques.

What you learned: Open a document and use Pixel brushes to create an illustration

Opening files

The Home screen in Adobe Fresco offers several ways to access and open files.

  • All work that you create in Fresco is saved as a cloud document. You can access these documents in the Cloud documents section of the Home screen.
  • Choose Import & Open on the Home screen to access files that have been saved to other cloud locations.
  • To start a new drawing, tap Create New and choose a size for your image. You can select a preset size or create a custom size.
  • Once a document is open, you can use the Place Image tool to add another image as a new layer.

    Using the Pixel brushes
  • The Pixel brush tool panel offers many different types of brushes.
  • Tap the round Color Chip in the Toolbar to open the Color Picker and choose a color.
  • Brush size, flow, smoothing, and other settings can be set in the tool options at the bottom of the Toolbar.
  • If you’re using an Apple Pencil, go to the tool options, tap the Brush Settings icon, and use the Pressure Dynamics sliders to control brush behavior.

Use the Touch Shortcut to modify a shape with an eraser

There is an Eraser tool in Fresco, but it is best used when you need to simply remove brush strokes. To erase with the distinctive edge and texture of your selected Pixel Brush, use the Touch Shortcut to change the brush to an eraser.

  • Press the Touch Shortcut and keep it held down as you use a Pixel or Vector brush to change the selected brush to an eraser.

    Save your work
  • As you work in Fresco, your image is automatically saved as a cloud document.
  • Tap the Home button in the upper left to save and close the file and return to the Home screen.


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