InCopy CS6 8.0.2 Release Notes

Important Reminder:

Adobe will disable support for authoring with Type 1 fonts in January 2023. See the Postscript Type 1 End of Support help article for more details.

System requirements

For the latest system requirements, visit the InCopy system requirements page.

Installation instructions

  • Before you install, close all applications currently running on your system—including other Adobe applications, Microsoft Office applications, and browser windows. It is also recommended to temporarily turn off virus protection during the installation process. 
  • You must have administrative privileges or be able to validate as an administrator.
  • Please make sure that the InCopy application is shut down in advance of running the InCopy updater (at least 1 minute recommended).

Resolved issues

Please refer to Adobe Support for late-breaking information and known issues for all Creative Suite 6 applications.


  • Cursor is not placed in a new Note in InCopy. [3457782]
  • InCopy quits unexpectedly on opening an ICML with mixed ME and Indic texts. [3498585]


  • When creating hyperlinks, a few special characters such as '?', '=' in the hyperlinks are converted to invalid characters making the hyperlink fail in the PDF export. [3588280]
  • Importing InCopy CS2 documents into InDesign CS6 causes InDesign to quit unexpectedly. [3587652]
  • Placing files from a smart collection opened from a Drive 5 connected CQ server acting as DAM causes an "Import failed" error in InDesign. [3577138]
  • Recomposing text in a multi-column frame causes InDesign to quit unexpectedly. [3565074]
  • An extra unreferenced link resource gets created when placing a movie file in InDesign. [3555754]
  • InDesign quits unexpectedly on typing text containing ligatures repetitively using World Ready Composer. [3551834]
  • In a previous version of InDesign, the word "CS7" appears in the error dialogs when accessing documents created in InDesign CC. [3536451]
  • Placing a pdf in InDesign causes InDesign to quit unexpectedly both in CS5.5 and CS6. [3513668]
  • Frame grid dimensions change on opening the IDML file. [3507245]
  • Placed images containing exif data are scaled to 50%. [3501752]
  • InDesign quits unexpectedly while exporting to EPUB when a text frame with some text converted to outlines. [3498579]
  • InDesign quits unexpectedly on importing a tagged text file having text with Gradient applied on it. [3498575]
  • Setting ‘epubExportPreferences.tocStyleName’ to "Default" causes InDesign to quit unexpectedly. [3498571]
  • Malayalam hyphenation shows a hyphen character. [3493163]
  • Upper case characters being incorrectly mapped to lower case characters in the PDF exported from InDesign. [3490867]
  • InDesign shuts down while arranging of documents or panels in certain scenarios. [3490508]
  • InDesign quits unexpectedly during Copy/paste of certain content. [3488260]
  • InDesign quits unexpectedly while importing certain documents with missing fonts. [3488122]
  • A problem occurs while exporting to EPS when a document has facing pages and different inside/outside bleeds. [3445000]
  • After dragging top of the Cross-References panel to the top of the Hyperlinks, the URL section disappears. [3371040]
  • InDesign Saved Data file size keeps increasing due to non-reuse of the Smart Guides transformation cursor. [3370848]
  • Translation of the word ‘Idiom’ is truncated. [3370533]
  • Adornment on Grouped page items doesn’t redraw properly. [3365911]
  • Updating the IC stories causes InDesign to quit unexpectedly. [3359371]
  • Some content is causing InDesign to shut down when exporting to IDML. [3352956]
  • Vulnerability detected in rendition generation of PostScript files. [3347267]
  • InDesign quits unexpectedly when creating layout from a layout template in a specific case. [3345087]
  • InDesign reports assignment file missing when opening IDML files. [3334935]
  • On Windows 7 64-bit, InDesign and Bridge CS6 only run with local admin rights. [3332062]
  • Contents of a table spanning 2 pages do not correctly export to PDF from the Galley view. [3325704]
  • The modification time of a file returned by 'GetFileInfo()' has changed. [3323319]
  • The API method ‘IDTime::SetTime()’ gives wrong results when used with InDesign CS6 on Mac. [3323315]
  • Unable to access the EPUB export preferences for Books with InDesign CS6 and InDesign CS6 Server. [3321108]
  • Update CoolType engineering version to a number bigger than 64. [3317660]
  • Unexpected paragraph style change is observed when a story is exported to ICML. [3314712]
  • InDesign shuts down while exporting a PDF with certain fonts. [3295591]
  • An InDesign file containing large number of hyperlinked IP address causes severe slow down while opening. [3291116]
  • Exporting a specific InDesign document to PDF causes InDesign to quit unexpectedly. [3286006]
  • While exporting a document, containing a large number of placed PDFs, to hi-quality PDF causes InDesign CS6 to quit unexpectedly. [3282581]
  • InDesign should set the value of file information node from the documentID of Metadata that embedded in the file, but not the asset ID from Adobe Drive. [3224927]
  • Style Overrides in InCopy ICML Exported from InDesign does not import properly back into InDesign. [3217228]
  • A deadlock occurs within ‘CoolType’ when calling ‘StreamForLayout’ from InDesign Server's worker thread. [3205029]
  • The PDF/X-4 export succeeds even though undefined Glyphs are referenced in a document yielding a bogus PDF/X-4 file. [3203046]

InDesign Server

  • InDesign Server CS6 freezes while trying to export to JPEG. [3584983]
  • InDesign Server freezes when trying to generate an index for a book. [3533102]
  • InDesign Server CS6 freezes while exporting IDML to HTML. [3503927]

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