InDesign CC 2014 and Illustrator CC 2014 crash while printing to Fiery RIP using Fiery features on Mac OS X 

This article is reference to an issue wherein InDesign CC 2014 & Illustrator CC 2014 crash when printing to Fiery RIP using the Fiery features on MacOS. 

Solution 1: Download the latest version of InDesign CC 2014 or Illustrator CC 2014

  1. Step text

Solution: Download a scipt for InDesign CC 2014—v10.0

  1. This script is for the June 2014 release of InDesign CC 2014.

    Download the script below:



    The script replaces the "Application UI.InDesignPlugin" with an updated version.

  2. Unzip the script and run it.

  3. In the prompt (as shown below), select the InDesign CC 2014 application to update.

     Select the InDesign CC 2014 application
  4. Launch InDesign CC 2014 and print with the Fiery feature.

Additional information

The issue is specific to the 2014 releases of InDesign CC and Illustrator CC on Mac OS 10.9.x.

InDesign and EFI team are working together to have a permanent fix and resolve the problem for the customers.

Fiery could be installed with multiple printers:

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