Learn how to export and print photos | Tutoriale Adobe Photoshop Lightroom
Simplify exporting and printing from Adobe Lightroom Classic.

What you learned: Export or print using presets

  • Edits you make in Lightroom Classic don’t change the original file. So if you want to share an edited photo, you have to export a copy of it.
  • Choose File > Export. In the Export window choose file format, image size, sharpening, and other settings for the copy you’re exporting.
  • Click Add at the bottom left if you want to create an export preset for future use.
  • Click Export to export selected images with these settings now. To export other photos with these settings in the future, select one or more photos, choose File > Export with Preset, and choose this preset.
  • To print photos, switch to the Print module.
  • Choose a print template in the Template Browser at the left. You can modify print settings, such as margins, in the panels at the right.
  • To create a print preset with your modified settings, click the plus icon at the right of the Template Browser. To apply that print template to another photo you open in the Print module, choose that template in the Template Browser.



Presenter: Ben Willmore

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