Text randomly changes or is corrupted


As you work with text layers in Adobe Photoshop CS6, the text is replaced by text from a different layer or randomly changes. Or, the text becomes corrupted.


Perform the following steps in order.

Important; read carefully: 

  • This issue can affect files created or modified using the Photoshop CS6 public beta or Photoshop 13.0 (the original version of Photoshop CS6).
  • Once a file exhibits the problem, re-create it from scratch starting with a new document.
  • Copy and paste raster layer content from the affected file to the new document.
  • Don't reuse (copy/paste or drag) any of the Type or Vector Shape layers from the affected file in the new document. Create all the Type or Vector Shape layers from scratch.
  1. Update to Adobe Photoshop 13.0.1.

    From within Photoshop, choose Help > Updates, or manually download the updater from these locations:

  2. Before you open Photoshop 13.0.1, reset Photoshop's preferences. Please see this TechNote for instructions.

  3. Delete the Photoshop font cache.

    Mac OS: Quit Photoshop, and delete the /Users/[user name]/Library/Caches/Adobe/TypeSupport/CS6 folder.

    Note: If you're using Mac OS 10.7 or later, see this TechNote to open the Users/[user name]/Library folder.

    Windows XP: Exit Photoshop and delete \Documents and Settings\Local Settings\Application Data\Adobe\TypeSupport\CS6\ folder.

    Windows 7: Exit Photoshop and delete the \Users\AppData\Local\Adobe\TypeSupport\CS6\ folder.

  4. If you're using a plug-in by Extensis, remove it or make sure it's the most recent version. Contact Extensis for more information.

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