Learn key techniques to get started editing video — or refresh your current skills — with these useful tips, tricks, terms, and tools that every beginner should know.

Woman in a white dress walking her dog through a forest.

Edit like a pro, even if you’re not. In this video series, you’ll learn how to assemble a sequence in the Adobe Premiere Pro timeline, apply cool effects, improve the audio, brighten colors, and export your video.

Grab your footage and take a look around

Learn tips for understanding the user interface, expanding panels, understanding workspaces, importing assets with the Media Browser, and organizing and naming bins.

Bonus: Learn more about ingesting footage.

Assemble your clips

Learn tips for adding short and long clips to the timeline, inserting In and Out points, shuttling around the timeline using keyboard shortcuts, and understanding track indicators.

Move around the timeline

Learn tips for zooming in to see the details, adjusting track heights to see audio waveforms and levels, and trimming clips with ease.

Apply cool effects and brighten colors

Learn tips for quickly inserting dissolves between clips, adding effects from the Effects panel, adjusting effect parameters, animating a photo, and improving the color in your shots using the Lumetri Color panel.

Bonus: Learn more about the Lumetri Color panel.

Adjust audio levels

Learn tips for listening to specific audio tracks, mixing audio levels, and adjusting levels over time using keyframes.

Export your masterpiece

Learn tips for getting your video out of Premiere Pro, including exporting still frames, queuing multiple video exports in Adobe Media Encoder, adding a timecode overlay, and publishing videos directly to your Adobe Creative Cloud folder or on social media.


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