In this beginner tutorial, learn how to make videos with DSLR footage by using Adobe Premiere Pro to create a time-lapse sequence, pan over a still image, stabilize shaky footage, and easily adjust colors.

Illustration of hand holding DSLR camera. Clips of movies and filmstrip float in a purple and teal background.

This series of tutorials gives you opportunities to be creative with your DSLR videos. Create dynamic slide shows and compelling time-lapse image sequences, apply interesting effects and transitions, and make subtle but effective color adjustments.

Explore the user interface, create and output a sequence

In this video, you’ll explore the interface and learn how to bring movie clips into a Premiere Pro project, edit them together, refine the edit, and export them as a finished movie.

To learn about time-saving shortcuts, see Keyboard shortcuts.

Create a slide show

In this video, you’ll learn how to create an amazing slide show in Premiere Pro with your photos, as well as animate your images by panning over them or zooming into them to show a detail or make them come alive.

Create a time-lapse sequence

In this video, you’ll learn how easy it is to assemble a time-lapse image sequence in Premiere Pro using your DSLR shots by following some simple rules and knowing a few tricks.

To create better looking, smoother slow motion, see Create smoother slow-motion effects.

Apply effects, filters, and transitions

In this video, you’ll see how easy it is to enhance the look of your video in Premiere Pro using effects and filters — including fancy transitions, interesting visual effects, cinematic looks, and the ability to stabilize handheld footage.

To learn more about effects, see Enhance your project with video effects.

Make color adjustments

In this video you’ll learn how the controls available in the Color workspace in Premiere Pro can help you make nuanced color adjustments to your videos.

To learn more about how secondary color adjustments work, see Change or correct a specific color.

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